A combination of Contracting and Engineering is our field of specialty.  Top quality work can only be maintained by having a technical experienced team, the correct spares and a strong structure.

We think through each and every project very carefully before putting it on table, for the thereafter the system must run flawless. Even if it is a timeous-, breakdown- or shutdown project.

RAMCIN (PTY) LTD has a commitment to our employees to create a safe working environment for our employees.  RAMCIN (PTY) LTD commit to quality service and products to our customers.

Although legislation is compelling most businesses to pursue equity at the highest strategic level, the RAMCIN (PTY) LTD approach is driven by sound business and moral ethics.  Our drive is primary around the belief that the utilization of a diverse workforce offers a unique opportunity to optimize the performance of the company.  It is therefore imperative that equity is successfully implemented within all the various facets of business.

The role of leadership is going to be crucial in the implementation of the employment equity plan.

Without the leadership visibly driven and leading from the front, it is likely that the intentions of the policy is fulfilled.